Campus is the top-level element in the hierarchy and is used throughout the application as a filter to narrow the scope of room searches for activities as well as to group various data elements for viewing and security purposes. Campuses are added automatically during room import, but may be manually added or edited as well.

Select the Campuses option from the Resources section of the Settings tab to view the list of campuses in the application.

Add Campuses

  1. Click on the Add button at the top of the Campus List page.
  2. Enter a campus name and optionally, a description.
  3. The “Is Active” flag is checked by default. You may remove this flag if you would prefer that the campus is not yet available for use throughout the application. The campus will not appear on lists for selection.
  4. Click Save.


Edit Campuses

  1. Click on the campus name of the desired campus.
  2. Edit the name and/or description as desired.
  3. Click Save.

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