Event Request Form Permissions

In order to link a specific form or forms to users, event request form profiles must be added to the “Request Events” permission for the users’ roles. If no profile is added, users with this permission will be able to request using any form they choose.

To associate an event request form profile to the event request permission within a specific role:

  1. Click on the Roles option on the Settings tab.The list of security roles is displayed.
  2. Click on the role with request events permission that you would like to edit. See Roles Overview for more information on creating user security roles.
  3. Click the edit icon to the right of the “Can Request Events” permission in the Events section of the role form.
  4. Select one or more request forms that should be included in this profile and click Ok.
  5. Click Save on the role form to return to the list. See User Overview for more information on setting up users.

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