Event Request Form Date Restrictions

Users may configure event request forms to limit event meeting requests to a specific date range.  For example, depending on how the dates are defined within the form, this feature can be used in the following ways:

  • Establish a cutoff date for event requests (e.g. meetings can be requested for any date between now and the start of Fall semester).
  • Create a delayed start date for event request (e.g. meetings may not be requested for dates before the end of Spring semester).
  • Define a future date range during which meetings may be requested (e.g. meetings may only be requested for next Summer).

Once date restrictions are configured for a form, those dates are enforced at the time of event request.  If any requested meeting falls outside of the date range, the request is prevented and an on-screen validation warning is displayed for the requestor.

Example validation message when attempting to request a meeting outside of the date range:



To configure an event request form to include date restrictions:

  1. Click the Event Request Forms option in the Events Admin section of the Events tab.
  2. Click the edit icon on an existing form, or click Add a Form.
  3. Find the "Date allowed for meeting requests" section of the form.


  4. Click the calendar icon and select a start and end date for the range.


  5. When completed, save your form.

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  • How do I remove this feature after dates have already been selected?

  • Hi Nicole Taggart,

    If you want to remove the dates in the "Dates allowed for meeting requests" section, there will be an X next to the calendar icon and that will clear the date. The start date and end date must be removed in order to save appropriately. 


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