Event Request Overview

Astra Schedule allows users to request events on campus. As opposed to the event scheduling process that creates an event record, the event request process only captures event request information and routes the request to an approver. The event request must still be approved before becoming a scheduled event record in the system.

To help capture the necessary event request information, you can customize event request forms and make them available to users (including the Guest users) based on their security role. The information captured on the form is then routed to the appropriate people and either approved or declined.


Event Request Workflow  

Setup Process

  1. Event request forms are customized to include the fields needed by your campus to support various types of event requests.
  2. Event request forms are applied to the “request events” permission in user security roles.
  3. Roles are applied to users (including the Guest user) as needed to provide access to the request process and appropriate form(s).
  4. Approver Groups are created to specify which users are notified when a request form is submitted.

Request Process

  1. A user fills out and submits the request form as required. The user receives an email confirmation of their request.
  2. The request entry is added to the notification list for the user(s) in the approver group.
  3. An approver either manually checks their notification list or receives an email from the list that there are new items, and takes action on the request in the notification list.
  4. If approved, the approver clicks to approve the event and completes the creation of the event record. If there is a room and/or resource requested that is not in the event approver's role to schedule, then a notification will be sent to the approver group associated with that room and/or resource. The event must be in a scheduled status before it is completely approved. Confirmation is sent to the requestor once the event is scheduled.
  5. If declined, the approver clicks to decline the event and optionally enters a reason. Notification is sent to the requestor.
  6. If more information is required, the approver clicks to send a question to the requestor and solicit a response. 


Event Request Forms

Guest User Forms and Internal User Forms are available to support event requests from both Guest users and internal users of the application. Each form provides sections for gathering the person’s contact information, event details and meeting information, and room and resource needs. The forms differ slightly in the number and type of questions asked and in the interaction with certain database fields on the form.

For example, if the user is signed in to the application and using the “Internal User Form”, then the system automatically populates their contact information. Event request forms may be added or edited to support institutional event request needs.

Users can have access to one or more event request forms, depending on user security settings. If the user has access to multiple forms, they must select the form they wish to use at the time of the event request.

Having multiple forms available allows your institution to provide different forms for different kinds of events, or for events taking place in different areas of your campus. The organization of the request forms, the kind of information gathered, and the person(s) to whom they are routed for approval may vary depending on your business processes.

Learn how to create an Event Requst form.

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