Event Reminders

You can have the system send an email reminder associated with an event.

To add an event reminders:

  1. Click on the Reminders tab within the event.
  1. Click Add Reminder. The reminder setup window is displayed.


  1. Enter a subject and optionally, a description, for the reminder email.
  1. Enter a Due Date and time.
  1. Enter a Send Reminder date and time. (this is when the email will be sent)
  1. Select a recipient from the list and click Add. You may also type an email address directly into the Add Recipient field and click Add to add a recipient that is not in the system. The added recipients will appear in the recipient list.
  1. Click Save to see your reminder on the list.


  1. To mark a reminder as completed, check the box in the Completed column. This will stop the reminder email from being sent, but leaves the details in the reminders list.


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