Additional Contacts for Events

Aside from the primary customer contact associated with an event, any number of additional contacts may be recorded as well. The additional contacts feature allows you to record campus sponsors, students, emergency contacts, or any other person associated with the event that may need to be kept in the loop or contacted for any reason.

Additional contacts can be any contact contained within the Astra Schedule contact database, whether they are associated with the event customer or not, or any adhoc person you wish to record temporarily with only an individual event.

To add an Astra Schedule contact to the event:

  1. Click the Events menu tab.
  2. Select Events
  3. Open the Event you want to view the Additional Contacts for. 
  4. On the lower menu, click the "Additional Contacts" tab.


  5. Click the "Add Contact" button.
  6. Using the filter panel on the left side, find and the select the contact(s) you would like to add.
  7. Click "Add"
  8. Click "Close."
  9. The contact(s) will now appear in the list.
  10. To add an Adhoc Contact to the event:
    • Click the Add Adhoc Contact button.
    • A new contact row is added to the list
    • Click to insert your cursor in each field and enter the contact information. It is required to add a name.
    • This record is NOT added to the Astra Schedule database and is only recorded in association with this event. 

When you select the "Notify" checkbox at the top of the event, both the Additional and Primary contacts are included when the event summary message is sent for the event in question.  The event summary recipient list can still be manually modified when it is sent. 

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