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The Notification List is the destination for system generated messages to Astra Schedule users triggered by workflow rules.  This includes all request notifications (approvals for events, rooms, and resources) as well as room, resource, and event request form usage notifications.  Also, it's possible to be receive a notification in the list when an import or export job encounters errors.

Instead of sending an email message automatically each time a notification is sent to a user, the system adds the notification to the list.  Users can visit the list to manage their notifications and/or subscribe to the list to get immediate or periodic email updates about their list activity.

To view the notification list, click on Notification List from the Events, Academics, or Resources tabs.

The Notification List page will display any notifications sent either directly to you or to a group to which you belong (e.g. an approver group). 



All filters default to "All" unless otherwise specified.

  • Group by Activity

Groups the notification list by the parent activity (section or event) that generated the notifications. This is especially helpful when working with sections or events that have requests on multiple days.

  • Type

Displays only section or event-related notifications, and/or only notifications related to an event, room, or resource requests.

  • Is Notification

Displays either notifications (e.g. notification of room use) or request approvals (e.g. event requests and room or resource requests).

  • Is Active

Displays either active or inactive notifications. Inactive notifications are those that have been either dismissed or acted upon.


Best Practice

Best practice for managing the notification list is to save a default filter to display your active requests.



Working with Notifications

The action icons (approve, decline, more information needed) are only visible where approvals are needed.


Likewise, the "Show Details" icon is only provided for event requests.  Click this icon to view the details of the request.



The event request form will open in a pop-up window showing the information that was provided on the form at the time of the request.


Hover over the event details icon for any applicable notification to view details of an event.  This is most useful for room and resource notifications when you would like to see the activity that is utilizing the room or resource.



Subscribe to the Notification List

When subscribing to the list, the options include:


  • Once: sends a message at a certain time for the selected day and range.
  • Every: sends a message at a regular interval for the specified time period, day, and range.

Day Pattern

  • Daily: every x days, or every weekday.
  • Weekly: every x weeks on selected days of the week.
  • Monthly: day x of specified months.
  • Yearly: month and day during the year.

Date Range

  • Start Date: date on which subscription settings will begin
  • End After: # of occurrences
  • End Date: date on which subscription settings will end
  • No End Date: subscription settings will run continually as long as is active


Configure List Subscription Options

  1. Click the Notification List option on the Events tab.
  2. Click My Preferences at the top of the Notifications List page.
  3. Click New.
  4. On the job Schedule window, select and configure a time frequency for the subscription.


  5. Select and configure a day pattern for the subscription.
  6. Specify the date range for the subscription.
  7. Click OK to add the schedule to the subscription list on the form.
  8. Click Save.


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  • Hi There!

    Is there a way to get an email notification whenever a new event form is submitted instead of having to go into the notification tab manually?



  • Hi, Dana!

    The only option is to turn on the "My Preferences" job to get an email when you have notifications in your list. There is not a way to receive an email each time the event request form is submitted. Many users will setup the My Preferences to run once a day as a reminder email to check their notification list within Astra Schedule.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Maggie,

    I am assigning just view events- for notification role to one of the users. But he is getting the below error while accessing my preferences option in the notification.


    What permissions or roles should I choose to give him my preference access so he can email notification.

  • I have a user that setup her schedule notifications.She gets a list of all of her notifications each time. How does she only get 'New' notifications?

    Thank you!

  • Hi, Michelle Mitcheltree!

    The report is setup to always show all notifications. They can dismissed, but you can also submit a ticket to request a modified report that only shows new notifications. That's my suggested next step! Have a great day!


  • In addition to having limited-region schedulers be in a specific-region Approver group for Notification List of Requests, I have also added them to specific-region Notification groups in the Approver Group dialog and thus they get a new email for each new event in a room in their specific region. 

    Best regards, Jason 


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