Instructors are People records that have "Instructor" flagged as a responsibility. Instructor records are created automatically during academic section import processes. 

When the "Instructor" responsibility is flagged an additional section becomes enabled on the People form to allow for instructor-specific attributes to be recorded.  This section includes contact information as well as instructor assignment data like instructor type, education level, instructor cost factor, teaching load, courses authorized to teach, a quality rating, and an optimizer setting that determines whether or not they should be considered for back-to-back section pre-processing.

Configuring Instructor Contacts

  1. Open the person's record you wish to change.
  2. If they are not already flagged as an instructor, place a check in the box next to Instructor in the list of responsibilities.


  3. Click Edit Instructor Details in the Instructor Info section of the form.


  4. Click Yes to commit any unsaved changes to the Person record.
  5. Enter any instructor-specific contact information, or click Copy General Contact Information to copy the contact information from the Person record.
  6. If desired, select an Instructor Type from the list. (Instructor Types must first be configured in the Admin section of the People tab.)
  7. If desired, select an Education Level from the list. (Education Levels must first be configured in the Master List section of the Settings tab.)
  8. Check the "Do Not Include in Back-to-Back Optimization" option to exclude the instructor record from optional optimizer pre-processing that attempts to keep instructor sections close together if they are taught back-to-back. This flag is applicable for instructor records that are only place-holder values (i.e. "TBA", or "Staff").


  9. If desired, enter a cost value. The cost value is a multiplier, used in combination with the configured Instructor Type base salary information to help determine the cost of instruction.


  10. If desired, configure Teaching Load and Courses Authorized.  (See below for details)
  11. Click Save.


Teaching Load

Instructor Teaching Load is a configuration used to help make instructor assignment decisions and highlight assignment problems in the schedule. 

To configure Teaching Load:

  1. Click Add in the Teaching Load panel for an instructor to insert a new row.


  2. Click in the grid to insert your cursor and enter a number for Min, Ideal, and Max load.
  3. Click the Units cell and select the applicable Units from the list.


  4. Click the Term Type cell and select a Term Type to which the Teaching Load rule applies.
  5. Click Save on the instructor form or continue with other edits.


Courses Authorized

Instructors may be associated with certain courses from the course catalog to define courses they are authorized to teach.  This configuration assists with instructor assignment for sections by providing a filtering mechanism during manual assignment and ensuring that instructors are not assigned to inappropriate courses during instructor optimization.  See Instructor Assignment for information on manually editing a section meeting's instructor assignment.

To associate courses with an instructor:

  1. Click Add for Courses Authorized in the Assignment Information section of the Instructor Details form to add a new row to the grid.


  2. Click the + button for Course/Delivery Method and select options from the list to define authorized courses for the instructor. Click Done to add selected courses to the list.


  3. If the course association is campus-specific, click the + button for Campus and choose the campuses on which the instructor is authorized to teach the course(s). Click Done to add selected Campuses to the list.
  4. If desired, enter a Quality Rating value on a scale of 1-10 for the instructor for the course in question. The Quality Rating can be used to help make assignments during instructor optimization.
    Note: This setting is only visible with the appropriate role permission.
  5. Click Ok to save the changes to the instructor record.
  6. Click Save for the instructor.

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