Event Attendees

Attendee management features in Astra Schedule include the option to record attendee data for events and meetings, allow guest calendar visitors to sign up, and send email messages to attendees.

Attendees can be recorded for either the event as a whole (attendees are assumed to be attending the entire event) or on a meeting-by-meeting basis (attendees are attending one or more specific meetings within an event).

An "Attendees" tab is located on the tab menu for both the event and event meeting records. Attendee information can be recorded wherever it is most applicable for the event. If you want a single attendee list to manage, record attendees on the event record. If you want to manage a list of attendees per meeting, record them on the meeting record.


Add Attendees

The attendee list for an event or meeting consists of basic contact information along with any notes you wish to record per attendee.  This list is unique to each event or meeting.

  1. Open the record you wish to edit
  2. Select the Attendees tab
  3. Click Add Event (or Meeting) Attendee to insert a new attendee row in the list.


  4. Click on the attendee fields to insert your cursor and enter information as desired. Existing attendee records may be edited in the same way, by clicking directly in the row and editing the value.


  5. Save your event when finished.


Attendee Sign-Up

You may optionally allow guests or other users with calendar access to voluntarily sign up for events or meetings.  This option is controlled by the event scheduler through the Attendee Options within the event record. 

Once enabled, from the activity calendar when hovering on an activity the activity detail pop-up will include an option to sign up for either the event or per meeting, depending on the configuration.  Sign-up is limited by event estimated attendance or event meeting max attendance, as applicable, but maybe manually overridden by an event scheduler within the event.

To enable event attendee sign-up:

  1. Create or edit an event
  2. Select the Attendees tab
  3. Select the applicable sign-up option from the list next to Allow Attendee Sign-Up


  4. Once sign-up is enabled, find the event on the activity calendar.
  5. Hover on the info icon to display the detailed pop-up.
  6. If sign-up is enabled for the event, a link is provided near the top of the window.


  7. If sign-up is enabled for the meetings, an icon is provided next to each meeting.


  8. When a guest or user clicks on one of these options, a small form is displayed for entering their contact information.


  9. Upon clicking Sign-Up, their contact information is saved to the attendee list for the event or meeting in question.


Notify Event Attendees

Once attendees are recorded for an event or meeting, you may wish to contact them to ask questions, provide instructions, or communicate changes to the activity. There are two options to simplify sending email messages to attendees.

  • You can generate a blank email message to a specific attendee directly from within the attendee list.  This option is good for asking general questions of attendees or providing information. 
  • You can include the list of attendees as recipients in the standard Event Summary email.  This is a convenient way to send information regarding dates, times, and locations to all attendees at once.

To generate an email to a specific attendee:

  1. Open the attendee list.
  2. Place a check in the box next to their name
  3. Click Notify Event (or meeting) Attendees in the upper left corner of the attendee panel.


  4. An email form is displayed with the attendee email address pre-populated.
  5. You can edit the recipient list, subject, and body.
  6. Click Send.



To include attendees as recipients for the standard Event Summary message:

  1. Click Send Event Summary from within an event.
  2. In the Recipients section of the event summary message form, click Include Attendees to add the attendee email addresses to the list of recipients.


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