Send Event Summary

An event summary email message can be optionally included at the end of the event creation process using the Save and Send Notification button, or it can be sent manually at any time from within the event form. This is handy to keep contacts informed of changes to an event. It is intentionally a manual process, so the event scheduler has control over when and why notifications are sent.

To manually send an event summary from within an event:

  1. Click Send Event Summary at the top of the event form.


  2. If desired, edit the Subject line of the message.
  3. If desired, add a comment to the event summary message.
  4. By default, the event summary window will display all event contacts. Those contacts for whom the "Notify" flag was checked will show "true" in the Notify column. You can remove any contacts from the list to whom you do not want to send the email.
  5. To add additional recipients to the message from the Astra Schedule contact list, click Add From Contacts. Select contacts from the list presented and add them to the message.
  6. To add additional recipients that are NOT Astra Schedule contacts, click Add Recipient. A row will be added to the recipient list in which you can enter an additional name and email address.


  7. Click OK to send the message. A record of the action will be logged in the History section of the event.

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  • When sending the Event Summary notification to a recipient who has submitted through the external (guest) event request form, is there any way to prevent the Notification of Approval from being sent out as well?

    Also, in order for this recipient to receive a copy of the Event Summary notification, their Notify status must be changed from false to true -- I believe the only place to do this is in the Recipients window that results from clicking the Send an Event Summary button, but please let me know if there is another method to do this.



  • Hi Brenda, 

    'Send Event Summary' is a manual step that you can take to send the summary to others. The Notify status on the event summary page will be true if the Notify box under the customer contact is checked and false if it is unchecked. Similarly for any additional contacts listed under Additional Contacts the notify status will carry over from what is listed under Additional Contacts. When you click on Send Event Summary, you will see all the recipients listed there and can switch the notify option if needed.

    The Approval Notification with Summary is not role-specific and is automatically send once all components required for the event have been completed. I recommend reviewing the below article about event email notifications. 

    Laurel Beekman
  • Thank you. I tried working around the automatic generation on the Approval Notification by removing the event requestor's email as well as removing it and replacing with another email, but to no avail. I guess once the request is submitted, that email becomes part of the workflow.


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