Send Event Summary

An event summary email message can be optionally included at the end of the event creation process using the Save and Send Notification button, or it can be sent manually at any time from within the event form. This is handy to keep contacts informed of changes to an event. It is intentionally a manual process, so the event scheduler has control over when and why notifications are sent.

To manually send an event summary from within an event:

  1. Click Send Event Summary at the top of the event form.


  1. If desired, edit the Subject line of the message.
  1. If desired, add a comment to the event summary message.
  1. By default, the event summary window will display all event contacts. Those contacts for whom the "Notify" flag was checked will show "true" in the Notify column. You can remove any contacts from the list to whom you do not want to send the email.
  1. To add additional recipients to the message from the Astra Schedule contact list, click Add From Contacts. Select contacts from the list presented and add them to the message.
  1. To add additional recipients that are NOT Astra Schedule contacts, click Add Recipient. A row will be added to the recipient list in which you can enter an additional name and email address.


  1. Click OK to send the message. A record of the action will be logged in the History section of the event.

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