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Exam "sessions" are the actual exam periods within an academic term.  Exam sessions must be defined to inform the system of the specific exam types and exam dates being offered per term.  Exam sessions are defined within a term record.  The association of the exam session with the term provides the system with knowledge of the term, term type, and campuses for the exam sessions.  Multiple exam sessions may be created within a term as needed. 

Once an actual exam session is created, corresponding exam meetings can be generated and meeting times can be applied.

Add Exam Sessions To Terms

  1. Click the Academics tab.
  2. Select Terms.
  3. .Click on the term to which you'd like to add an exam session.
  4. In the Exam Sessions panel, click Add Exam Session.


  5. In the Exam Session window, confirm the start and end dates for the exam session, enter a name and description, and select an exam type and any applicable campuses.


  6. Click Save.
  7. The new exam session will appear in the Exam Sessions area of the Term form.
To delete exam meetings for a term, delete the exam session.  It will delete all exam meetings from the section list for that term.


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