Event Calendar Description

The event calendar description is a feature that allows you to create a different or more visually appealing description of an event that will appear on calendars and homepages. The calendar description option includes both a rich text editor and an image upload. 

The rich text editor content appears in event hovers on the calendar, scheduling grid, and list pages.


The uploaded image appears as a thumbnail for activities displayed on the homepage.



To configure calendar description content:

  1. Click the Calendar Description tab on the event form.
  2. Enter the desired descriptive content in the rich text editor area. Formatting options are provided in the toolbar. HTML content can be included (copy and paste web content or edit the source directly using the source edit option on the far right) to provide image references and formatting, and links can be included to other sources of content.


  3. In the Image section, click Update Feature Image to select an image to upload as the thumbnail for the event.
  4. Click Open to display the image in the panel.


  5. Click Save on the event form.
  6. Your updated content will now be displayed when people see your event.

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