Event Notification History

The history of internal and external messages generated for each event is logged and viewable from within the event.  The notification history log displays the name or description of the message that was generated, the recipient(s), the sender, and the date the message was sent.

To view the message history for an event, click the History tab on the sub-tab menu within an event.


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  • How can I retrieve a copy of the event request by reservation number or event name

  • Hello Mitchella,

    The ways for you to retrieve a copy of the event request depend on whether the event has been approved, declined, or still sitting in that requested status. 

    If the event has been approved, You can enter the reservation number in the keyword field in the filter when you get to the Event List page.

    By clicking into the event record, if the event was submitted using an event request form you will be able to see the "View Event Request" in the top right corner. 

    If the event has been declined, then you will not be able to retrieve the event request that has been submitted. 

    If the event request form is sitting in the request status and it is waiting for approval then you can see the event request form in the Notification List under the Event Tab. Click the magnifying glass icon will give you the pop-up window for the event requested. 

    I hope this helps resolve your questions. 


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