Event Owner

The event record "owner" determines who has access to the event.  The owner field is automatically set upon event creation and event approval, however, the owner value may be edited in order to hand an event off to another user.

Event access may be configured in several different ways:

    • Basic: event users may manage only the events they created. If "Limit to My Events" is checked in the user's role.
    • Event Scheduler Group:  event users may manage events they created, plus events created by other users that are members of their group.
    • Administrator: Admins can manage all events, regardless of event owner.

In order to edit the owner value, you must have access to the event in the first place.  Additionally, if you change the owner and do not have access to that owner's events, you may lose access to the record.

To edit the event owner:

  1. Open the event.
  2. Use the Owner drop-down menu to select the new owner from the list.
  3. Click Save.


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