Find a Time for Event Meetings

In some cases when creating an event, the desired location may be more important than a specific time. If during initial event creation, the room you want is not available at the time you specified, you can easily search for open times and choose an alternative.

  1. Begin the process to create a single event, enter time and date information, and then search for your desired room using the drop-down menu.  When a room is already booked at the time selected, "unavailable" appears next to the room.


  2. Select the desired, unavailable room from the list.
  3. Click the Find a Time icon (clock) to explore available time options for the selected room.


  4. The selected room's weekly schedule is displayed for review. Your event time is shown in gray.


  5. You may click and drag the entire meeting to a new time and/or date.


  6. You may also drag the end time to change the duration of the event.


  7. Click Ok to return to the Create Event form.
  8. The new time and date will be updated automatically, and the room will no longer have (unavailable) after the room number and name. Continue with event creation as normal. 

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