Assign Resources to Section Meetings

Resources (equipment and services) may be assigned to section meetings.  Similar to room assignments, an ad hoc scheduling tool is provided for the general assignment of resources.  The scheduling tool provides a filterable list of resources that may be available for selection, either for an entire meeting or per meeting date. 

Special Resource Assignment Rules

Resource Assignments Times and Dates Resource assignment times and dates cannot be edited independently. They are required to be the same duration and date as the section meeting.
Setup and Teardown Times Resource assignment for section meetings is considered a special use case.  Because of the nature of academic scheduling and how tightly scheduled section meetings often are, setup and teardown times are NOT inherited for assigned resources.
Cross-listed Section Meetings

Resource assignments for sections must be managed one section meeting at a time.  Cross-listed section meetings do not automatically get the same resource assignments as their partners.  A column is provided in the cross-listed section grid on a section meeting that indicates there are resources assigned.

Meeting Pattern/Date Change If a section meeting's times or dates are edited, either manually or via import, that meeting's resources must be dropped.  During manual edits, the user is warned that resources will be dropped.  During import, dropped resources are recorded in the import log.


Accessing Resource Assignment

Three different access points are provided for assigning resources to a section meeting.  You may access the ad hoc scheduler by clicking the Assign Resources icon to the far right of the section meeting:


By clicking the Add Resource button from the resource assignment display grid within the meeting details page:


Or by clicking the Assign Resources icon to the far right of a specific meeting date in the Meeting Dates list:



Assign Resources Using the Ad Hoc Resource Assignment Tool

  1. Click on the section or section meeting you wish to schedule. 
  2. Click the Assign Resources option for the section meeting or meeting date and the Ad Hoc Scheduler will appear.

  3. You may use the filter options in the panel on the left to narrow the list.

  4. If you have accessed the scheduler from a meeting versus just one date, the first column may be expanded to view all of the meeting dates separately. When choosing a resource, you may select all dates at once by clicking in the first column, or select individual meeting dates as desired.

  5. Click an "Available" cell to select a resource.

  6. Click OK to save your selection.

    The selected resource will appear in both the assigned resources grid for the meeting, and in the list of meeting dates.

    The Resources grid represents a roll-up view of resources, with a start and end date for the range of dates selected for the resource assignments. Each resource on the list may be expanded to view the individual date instances to which the resource is assigned.


  7. Click OK on the section form to save the change.


Resource Conflicts

Resources that have conflicts will indicate “Conflicts” instead of “Available”. Additionally, the number of meetings that are in conflict is indicated in parenthesis. For example, the display may show (1 of 50), indicating that 1 meeting instance for the meeting has a conflict.

You may hover on the conflict cell to see information about the conflicting activities.



Drop Resource Assignment

If you wish to simply remove the existing resource assignment from a section meeting or instance, click the Drop Resource button (red X) next to the assigned resource while in edit mode in either the Section Meeting resources list, or the Meeting Dates list. Click Save to save the section meeting after dropping the resource.


Sections with Assigned Resources

The section/section meeting list page includes a filter option designed to help you quickly and easily locate section meetings that have assigned resources. You may filter the list to view only those records that have resources assigned, or only those records that have resources requested (i.e. still needing approval).

Filter Section List Page For Resource Assignments

  1. Click the Academics tab.
  2. Select Sections.
  3. Find the filter option labeled "Meetings With:", at the bottom of the filter panel.
  4. Select either Assigned Resources or Requested Resources from the drop-down list, as desired.

  5. Click the Search button to refresh the list page.

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