Add Meeting Patterns

Meeting Pattern records are typically created automatically by the system during section record imports.  However, patterns may be created manually as well.

Add Meeting Patterns

  1. Click the Academics tab.
  2. Select Meeting Patterns.
  3. Click Add a Meeting Pattern.
  4. The Display Name will be automatically populated with the string of days/times added to the pattern. However, if you wish to create a different name for the pattern you may enter this information in the Display Name field.
  5. If desired, enter a Description for the pattern.
  6. Enter the number of contact hours that the pattern represents.
  7. If the meeting pattern is to be used for exam meetings, place a check in the box next to "Is Exam".
  8. If the pattern repeats during the term, enter the number of weeks that represent the repeat cycle. The default repeat cycle is 1, and represents the typical recurring pattern.
  9. If the pattern does not repeat, place a check in the box next to Non-Repeating.
  10. Click the Add button in the Meeting Pattern Times section of the form.
  11. In the Day and Time window, enter the start time, duration (end time is automatically calculated), days, and sequence number (if applicable) for the meeting pattern being created. (see examples above of sequence numbers for various pattern types)


  12. Repeat the process if there are multiple meeting times associated with the pattern, and/or edit and delete the instances until the pattern is represented correctly.
    Meeting Pattern Times cannot be edited if the meeting pattern is associated with a course section offering.
  13. Click the Add button in the Term Types section of the form.
  14. Select a term type for which the meeting pattern is valid and click The term type is added to the pattern.  This may be repeated for all valid term types.
  15. Click the Add button in the Campus/Meeting Types section of the form.
  16. Select a meeting type and the campus(es) for which the meeting pattern is valid.
  17. Optionally, place a check in the box labeled "Is Standard" to specify that the pattern is a standard meeting pattern for the campus/meeting type combination specified.
  18. Click Save to add the combination to the pattern. Repeat as needed.
  19. Click Save and Close on the meeting pattern form to save the pattern information and return to the meeting pattern list page.

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