Exam Permission Settings

Exam-specific security settings are provided within a role to define whether or not a user may configure exam settings and/or work with exam section meetings.

The following settings are provided in the Academics Section of the role form:

View Sections: determines which exam records a user can access in the system.  If they can view a section in the system, then they can view its exams as applicable.  If "View Sections" is granted, then certain other exam permissions become available.

Manage Exams: (Academic Sections > Admin Permissions) allowed to configure rules, create exam types, create exam sessions, configure exam times and meeting patterns, and generate records.

Schedule Exams: (Academic Sections > Exam Permissions) grants access to the room assignment tool and allows editing of exam meeting preferences.

Edit Exams: (Academic Sections > Exam Permissions) allows editing of all other attributes for an exam to which they otherwise have access.  Allows the addition of new exam meetings for sections they can see.  The "Add Exam" option will be available within the section record.

Delete Exams: (Academic Sections > Exam Permissions) allows the user to delete any exam meeting they can see.

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