Update Exam Type Preferences

The scheduling preference configured at the Exam Type level is applied to exam meetings upon creation.  An option is provided to update this preference after exam meeting creation if required.  Reasons for this may include:  (a) "Same room as section" is desired, but parent room assignments were not yet assigned at the time of exam meeting creation, or (b) a different default preference setting is desired.  When the update option in invoked, the system will re-apply the exam type preferences, including an attempt to assign the parent section's room if applicable.

To update exam type preferences on existing exam meetings:

  1. Click the Academics tab.
  1. Select Terms in the Admin section.
  1. Click a term name on the list that already has exam meetings created and needs updating.
  1. Click the Create Exam Meetings icon to the left of the exam session in question.
  1. Click Update Preferences on the Exam Meetings confirmation message.


  1. The system will update the exam scheduling preference and/or assign the parent section's room, as applicable.
  1. Click OK to return to the Term form.

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