Publish Room Optimization Schedule

When there is satisfaction with the optimizer results, the section changes can be published back to the production section file (with appropriate user permissions). 

Sections that were edited in the sandbox are flagged in the database as modified. Only modified sections are published to production.  This prevents sections that may have been edited in production from being overwritten by unchanged sections from the sandbox.  If the section record was modified, then the section in production is overwritten by the section in the sandbox.

Before publishing to production, Astra Schedule double-checks the optimizer results against your production section file for the following possible publishing issues:

  • Changes to production room assignments have created conflicts with the sandbox room assignments
  • Changes to production room controls have impacted room scheduling

If either situation is encountered, the application will display a list of the sections affected and the issue that is preventing them from being updated. The issues can be ignored and can publish everything except conflicts, OR cancel the operation.

  1. Click Prepare to Publish at the top of the sandbox results window.

    The system will review production room assignments and controls and gather any conflict information.
    If sections have been imported from the SIS to Astra Schedule after running the optimizer and changes to sections have been made, the optimizer will error and not publish the changes.  A new optimization run will be required.
  2. If no conflicts are found, the system will display a confirmation message. Click Yes to continue and publish the sandbox sections.


  3. If the system identifies any conflicts with production data, those conflicts are displayed for review.

    Only the non-conflicting section changes can be published, OR cancel and continue to edit the sandbox results.


If room assignments made in Astra Schedule are exported to the SIS, a batch export MUST be performed after publishing even if you have real-time export enabled. Real-time export does not recognize the publishing process as a real-time change due to the volume of data that may be published.

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