People Overview

Astra Schedule users, instructors, students, customer contacts, and institution contacts can all be People records in the application. A person can be associated with one or more of these various Responsibilities depending on their relationship to the institution.

Each person in Astra Schedule has the same basic contact information that may be recorded.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Employer
  • Phone & Fax Numbers
  • Title
  • Instant Messaging
  • Employee Identification
  • Primary Responsibility
  • Group Membership

Other information may be recorded that is unique to certain groups to which the person may belong. For example, Astra Schedule users, instructors, and event customer contacts have unique properties that may need to be captured.


To find a specific person or group of people in the system:

  1. Click the Settings tab. 
  2. Select People.
  3. Enter a first and/or last name in the name text fields.
  4. Select Responsibilities from the list of options to narrow the search to include only people with certain primary responsibilities.
  5. Click Search to update the list of people in the panel on the right.
  6. If desired, click on the Name or Primary Responsibility column label to sort ascending or descending.
  7. Click the person’s name to view additional details.

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