Edit Instructor Assignment

A section meeting's instructor assignment can be edited, or additional instructors can be added.

Edit Instructor Assignments

  1. Click the Academics tab.
  2. Select Sections.
  3. Open the section to be edited.
  4. Click the + button to pick from the instructor list.

  5. A list of instructors is displayed.

  6. The list (and properly configured in the instructor data) can be filtered to only those instructors authorized to teach the course in question. Place a check in the box next to "Authorized" and click Search.


  7. Select the desired instructor from the list to add the instructor to the meeting. Click off of the instructor list to close it.
  8. If applicable, other instructors can be removed, "primary" instructor designation can be changed, or the Percent Responsible can be entered to indicate the percent allocation for the meeting.

    Keep in mind that the Percent Responsible value for each instructor cannot exceed 100%, nor can the sum of Percentage Responsible values if multiple instructors are assigned to the meeting.

  9. Click Save to save changes to the meeting.

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