Create New Cross-List Groups

Create Cross-list Groups

  1. Click the academics tab.
  2. Select Sections.
  3. Using the filter options and Section List, identify one of the sections you would like to cross-list.
  4. Click on the “Course/Section” link to view the section record details screen.
  5. Click on the meeting view icon to view the section meeting details.
  6. Expand the Cross-List Info section of the meeting.
  7. Click Create New.


  8. In the "Create Cross-List" window, enter a unique cross-list ID value for the group.


  9. Enter the max enrollment for the cross-list group.
  10. If desired, set the "Lock Enrollment" or "Lock Group" options.

    Lock Enrollment
    This option freezes the cross-list group max enrollment value so that it will not be updated by an import process. The value must be maintained manually.

    Lock Group
    This option freezes the cross-list group membership so that it will not be updated by an import process.  The group members must be maintained manually.
  11. Click the + button and select one or more meetings as members of the cross-list group.


  12. Click OK on the cross-list window to save your selections.


  13. Click Save.
You may remove a meeting from a cross-list group or edit the details of the group using the UnCross-List and Add/Edit buttons in the cross-list in the section.

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