Courses Overview

An academic course is a specific topic within a subject and represents the course catalog entries for an institution. If academic section data is being imported from a student information system, course records will be automatically added to the Ad Astra database as they are imported. However, course records can also be manually added and edited directly in Ad Astra, if required.

Clicking on a course link from the course list page (or other course reference point), the details of the course record are displayed. 

Much of the information on the course form is optional for many users but required for Platinum Analytics processes. The course attributes created during import are sufficient for most basic scheduling purposes.


Course Title: added during import using the first course title encountered. If a course title is changed after the first import, the course title will not be updated. 

Import ID: unique identifier for the course. This value is used during imports to determine course details and determine if the course exists in the database.

Subject: subject name.

Course Number: number assigned to the course.

Description: course's description.

Credit Hours: number of credit hours assigned to the course.

Catalog Version: helps differentiate between catalog versions of a course. 

Active: removing this flag removes the course from course selection options throughout the system so that it cannot be used any longer.

Requires Attention: used to indicate a problem with the record typically caused by a data problem during import or update.

Is Arranged Course: indicates that any sections created for the course are flagged as "arranged".

Is In Course Catalog: Banner SIS-specific flag that indicates that the course is in the active course catalog.

Has Sequential PreReqs: indicates that if there are prerequisites configured, then they must be taken in sequential terms.

Campus(es): campuses where the course is offered.

Complex Prerequisites: allows the selection of an existing program rule that must be satisfied as a prerequisite to the course.

Prerequisites: displays one or more course prerequisites and includes an expression creation tool for the configuration of complex "and/or" prerequisites. Use the expression builder buttons to create the prerequisite expression.  Insert courses using the Course button.

Corequisites: displays one or more course corequisites and includes an expression creation tool for the configuration of complex "and/or" corequisites. Use the expression builder buttons to create the corequisite expression. Insert courses using the Course button.

Equivalents: displays one or more course equivalents.

Historical Equivalents: displays non-degree audit, manual equivalents entered for the purposes of program analysis.

Prerequisites, Corequisites, and Equivalents are all used by the system to determine course eligibility during Platinum Analysis.

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