An academic department is an organizational unit to which courses are associated. Once configured, the department becomes useful as a way to filter courses and course section offerings throughout the application. Department filters are available on list pages, sandboxes, and various reports where applicable.  

Viewing Departments

  1. Click on the Academics Tab
  2. Select Departments
  3. Open the left side filter panel to search for specific departments.
  4. By using the "Keyword" search (you must click the "Search" button" or press enter), Only departments matching the keyword(s) will be returned in the list.
  5. To limit the number of departments, use the Subject and/or Course filter.
  6. Use the "Active" drop-down to view departments that are active, inactive, or either.
  7. Click on the department name to view the Department details.

    Astra Schedule clients will need to add Departments manually.


Adding Departments

  1. Click the Academics tab.
  2. Select Departments.
  3. Click Add a Department.
  4. Name: enter the department name.
  5. Add a text description, if desired.
  6. Click the + option to associate courses with the department.
  7. Use the pop-up window to select all applicable courses (optionally filtering by subject).
  8. Select courses and click Done when all courses have been selected.
  9. Click Save.


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