Course Enrollment Ratio Analysis for Selected Term

The Course Enrollment Ratio Analysis report looks at the total enrollments and max enrollments for all sections of any given course for a selected term and calculates the enrollment ratio. The enrollment ratio is then analyzed to see if the course is Balanced or Overloaded.


Report Fields

Course Subject and course code
Title Course title
Sections The total number of sections offered for the course during the analyzed term.
Total Enrollment Total enrollment in all sections of the course.
Total Max Enroll Total max enrollment for all sections of the course.
Enrollment Ratio The ratio of total enrollment compared to total max enrollment (Total Enrollment % Total Max Enrollment).
Balanced Course A course with an enrollment ratio of between 70 and 95 percent.
Overloaded Course A course with an enrollment ratio of over 95 percent.

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  • Greetings Melody,

    Does this report filter to display the subject, course, section registration data for only sections offered in the particular Selected Term, such that if a Spring term is selected then courses that are only offered in Fall terms will not be displayed (skew) with zero enrollment and likewise if a Summer Term is selected will only the subject & courses with Sections offered in that Summer term be displayed and not courses that are not offered in the summer ...?

    An enhancement suggestion for this reports is to allow filtering by Department as well as by optional filter by Subject Code as it is more difficult to scroll through the many subject codes that we have, which include college credit and adult-ed classes

    Thank you, Jason Madden


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