Bottlenecks by Room Type and Time of Day Report Key

The Bottlenecks by Room Type and Time of Day report allows a user to see how rooms are being used throughout an average week by time of day, day of the week during a specified term on a specified campus. The report is grouped by room type and size (number of seats) allowing a user to get specific information about certain kinds of rooms (e.g. Classrooms with more than 100 seats). Bottlenecks are highlighted in red.

In this report, a bottleneck is defined as a day/time combination in which the ratio of average weekly hours to the specific room type/size combination is 80% or higher. For example, if an institution has 10 Classrooms with 100 or more seats, any hour of the day that eight or more hours of the class are offered in those rooms would be considered a bottleneck. This report can be used to help enforce an academic scheduling policy outlining usage guidelines for how classes should be spread throughout the week and to identify when which room type/size combinations are used at a high rate throughout the week.



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