Viewing and Adding Terms

You can view and add academic terms in Astra Schedule.

View Terms

  1. Click the Academics tab.
  2. Select Terms. 
  3. You may search for a specific term or terms and limit the number of terms displayed using the filter panel on the left side of the page.
  4. To search for specific terms, enter keyword search criteria in the text box at the top of the form, and then click Search or press the Enter key to view your results. Only those terms with matching keywords will be returned in the list.
  5. You may also limit the number of terms returned in the list by using the campus filter option by using the filter panel on the left. 
    1. Click the + button to show campus options.
    2. Check the box next to the desired campus(es).
    3. Click Done.
    4. Click Search at the top of the filter panel.
    5. Only those terms with a matching campus association will be returned.
  6. Click on the term name to view additional details about the term record.
  7. You may use the delete icon to the left of the entry to remove a Term from the list. 
Deleting a term will delete all sections associated with that term out of the system.


Adding Terms

  1. Click the Academics tab.
  2. Select Terms.
  3. Click Add a Term at the top of the terms list page.
  4. Enter a term Name (display name). This is the term name that will be displayed throughout the application.
  5. Select a Term Type from the drop-down list.
  6. Enter a start and end date for the term by either typing the date into the date field or by using the date selection tool.
    It is best practice to include the earliest start date that is included in your term.  For example, if you have early start classes that begin January 23, but your regular classes do not start until January 26, enter January 23 as the start date.
  7. Choose a default room scheduling preference set from the drop-down list, if desired.
    Preferences associated with the selected set will be the default room scheduling preferences used for course offerings during the term.
  8. Enter the term's SIS Key, or term code, associated with course offerings for this term (import name). This field should match the term code used in your SIS.
  9. New terms are "active" by default. Optionally remove the Active check mark to disable this term for use within the application. If this box is not checked then the term will not yet be available for viewing and selection within the system.
  10. Choose all campuses on which the term is valid by clicking the + button (Add items) and selecting the boxes next to any campuses associated with this term.
  11. Enter any notes you would like to record about this term record.
  12. If applicable, either select a term group from the list or define a term group using the Terms in Group option.
  13. Click Save and Close to save the term record and return to the list. The new term will appear on the list and is now available for importing course offerings.
Exam sessions, exam meetings, and exam times are also configured from within the term record. For more information related to exam creation, see the Exam Overview article. 

Analysis Term Settings are also configured from within the term record and the settings are used for Capacity Analysis configurations.


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  • after defining terms, isn't there an additional "step" in the process to add any newly created terms, or remove existing terms, from the import/batch programs?  

  • Hi Linda,

    Yes - When you are ready to actually import sections rom your student information system into Astra Schedule for that term, then you would need to update the import job(s) to include your newly built term.




  • which video or documentation file explains this next step in the "creation process"? 

    looked through, Import & Export Jobs,   but may have missed it.  

    think it would be helpful to "note" next step on the bottom of this Add Term site, since new term(s) need to be added to Import, or the course sections don't appear.   maybe add a link to the "next part".  


  • Hi Linda, The article I'd recommend is Import & Export Job Overview: At the 2:45 mark in the video, you see the process of adding the term to the import.

    Although it isn't defined in this article, I've shared your feedback internally and we will be adding reference to Adding Terms to our import documentation. 

    Thanks so much! 

  • I just watched the video again and would like more Info about Term Groups .
    .. not finding another article dealing with that subject
    Best regards, Jason


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