Term Types

A Term Type is a term attribute used to categorize terms so that certain academic system rules and preferences may be applied to term records without having to reconfigure settings for each term.  For example, a section meeting pattern may only be considered a "standard" pattern during Summer terms.  If the system knows the term "SU2010" is a "Summer" term type, and certain meeting patterns are flagged as standard for "Summer" term types, then it is possible to determine which meeting patterns are standard for that specific term.  Also, without further configuration, the system will also recognize standard patterns for "SU2011".

Term Types Usage

  • Meeting Patterns
  • Courses (per Delivery Method)
  • Course Exam Preferences
  • Instructor Availability and Load Profiles


Define Term Types

  1. Click the Academics tab.
  2. Select Term Types.
  3. Click Add a Term Type.
  4. Enter a name for the new Term Type.
  5. If desired, enter a description.
  6. Optionally, enter Min, Ideal, and Max Course Load values.
  7. Optionally, check the box next to Is Course Load Credit Hours to define that the values entered refer to credit hours.
    Instructor Optimization is no longer supported and steps 5 and 6 are fallback settings for processes like Instructor Optimization that rely on instructor load settings. 
  8. Click Save and Close.

A new Term Type entry is added to the list and is now available where Term Type selections are provided.

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