Space Utilization by Building and Room With Primetime Report Key

The Space Utilization Sections Only by Building and Room report shows average weekly room hours of academic sections only by building, highlighting room hour utilization and station fill (students in seats). Space utilization calculations are based on the user-specified number of hours in a standard scheduling week.

Additional parameters allow a user to specify a "prime time" subset of hours where classes are often compacted (for example, M - R, 10:00a to 2:00p). This report can then be used to compare overall space utilization compared to utilization during primetime.

This report can be used to measure how efficiently different buildings and rooms are scheduled in terms of hours per week and how evenly class offerings are spread throughout the entire week as opposed to being compacted during primetime. Hours used by double books and cross-lists are counted only once. Enrollments and max enrollments for double books and cross-lists are added together.


User-Defined Parameters

Days in Standard Week The report will only bring in room hours that occur on these selected days.
Standard Week Start and End Time The report will only bring in room hours that occur between these start and end times.
Enter Hours in Standard Week This parameter allows a user to enter the number of hours in the standard class week. For example, if the standard week to offer classes is 8:00a to 5:00p, Monday through Friday, the standard week would be 45 hours. This number is then used in the Room Hour Utilization calculation (Room Hours / Standard Week).
Select Start and End Date Allows a user to filter activities within a date range.  The report will bring in records from all section meetings that occur between the start and end date.
Length of Term (in Weeks) The report will calculate utilization based on all activities between the start and end date selected.  To calculate average weekly utilization, total hours are divided by the number of weeks specified. This allows a user to account for Term dates including exam week, holiday weeks, etc.
Primetime Days Days of the week to include in the primetime calculation (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for example).
Primetime Start Hour of the day to start calculating primetime hours.
Primetime End Hour of the day when primetime is done.
Prime Week Weekly hours in primetime (for example, a M - R, 10a to 3p primetime would be a 20 hour prime week).
Select Roomtype(s) Only hours used in rooms of the selected type(s) will be included in the report.


Report Fields

Building-Room Lists the Building and Room code of each room used on the selected campus.
Room Hours

The average number of weekly hours scheduled in that room during the selected term. All section activities are added up by room. Room hours used by double booked and cross-listed classes are only counted once. A class that meets from 8:00a to 9:00a on MWF for the entire specified term would get counted for three hours per week for the entire term (if it met for 16 weeks, it would account for 48 total hours, and then be divided by the Length of Term parameter (48 / 16 = 3 average weekly room hours)).  If that same class met for only half of the specified term (8 weeks), it would only get counted for one and half hours of usage  (24 / 16 = 1.5 average weekly room hours). Class hours are rounded up to the next half hour (a class meeting from 8:00a to 9:45a would get counted as 2.00 hours).


Room Hour Utilization Percentage of the standard weekly hours used by that room. The standard weekly hours are entered as a user-defined parameter when the report is run. (Room Hours / Standard Week).
Prime Room Hours Average weekly hours occurring in the user-specified primetime. If primetime is M - R, 10a - 3p, a class that meets on MW from 9a to 11a would get counted for four total room hours, but only TWO prime room hours.
Prime Room Hour Utilization Percentage of the prime room hours used in that room and/or building. The prime week hours are entered as a user-defined parameter when the report is run. (Prime Room Hours / (#of Rooms in room/building*Prime Week))
Prime Ratio The ratio of prime room hours offered in that room/building compared to total room hours offered. If a room and/or building is in use for 100 hours in a week, and 75 of those hours are during primetime, the Prime Ratio would be 75%.

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