Section Room Hour Usage by Building and Room for Selected Date Range

The Section Room Hour Usage by Building and Room for Selected Date Range report shows total room hours used for sections for a selected date range by building and room (broken out by courses in that room). Utilization calculations are based on the number of room hours used compared to the standard room hours for the date range (entered as a user parameter). The date parameters allow a user to include all section meetings scheduled during a specified date range.


User Defined Parameters 

Enter Campus Allows a user to filter data to a specific campus.
Date Parameters Allows a user to specify a date range. Only section meetings scheduled during the date range are included in the report.
Enter Standard Hours in Date Range

This parameter allows a user to enter the total number of standard hours for the specified date range. For example, if choosing to view the report for the month of January (Jan 1 - January 31), a user would enter the total number of hours a room could typically be used. In this example, if the expected usage of each room would be 40 hours per week, the total standard hours entered would be 160 (40 hours for four weeks). This number is then used in the Room Hour Utilization calculation (Room Hours / Standard Week).


Report Fields

Building-Room Lists the Building and Room code of each room used on the selected campus.
Subject / Course Lists the Subject and Course codes of the section meetings scheduled in each room.
Room Hours The number of section hours scheduled in that room during the selected date range. Room hours are rounded up to the next quarter-hour (a class meeting from 8:00a to 9:40a would get counted as 1.75 hours).
Room Hour Utilization Percentage of the standard hours used. The standard hours are entered as a user-defined parameter when the report is run. (Room Hours / Standard Hours).


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