Low Enrollment Course Analysis for Selected Term

The Low Enrollment Course Analysis report looks at the total and average enrollments and max enrollments for all sections of any given course for a selected term. Those numbers are then analyzed to calculate how many excess seats of that course are offered, how many sections of that course could potentially be eliminated (Reduction Candidates), and whether the entire course could potentially be eliminated (Elimination Candidate).


Report Fields

Course Subject and course code
Title Course title
Sections The total number of sections offered for the course during the analyzed term.
Total Enrollment Total enrollment in all sections of the course.
Average Enrollment Average enrollment for all sections of the course.
Total Max Enroll Total max enrollment for all sections of the course
Average Max Enroll Average max enrollment for all sections of the course.
Excess Seats Total unused seats of the course (Total Max Enroll - Total Enrollment).
Reduction Candidate

The number of sections of the course that could potentially be eliminated from the schedule.  This is calculated by taking the total excess seats of the course, dividing it by the average max enrollment of sections in the course, and rounding it down to a whole number ( Excess Seats / Average Max Enroll).

Elimination Candidate This field specifies whether this course could be considered for elimination from the schedule.  The criteria used is any course with a total enrollment less than 10 and less than 50% enrollment ratio (total enrollment < 10 and ((total enrollment / max enrollment) < .5))

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