Scheduling Grid User Settings

There are certain display settings that are configurable per user.  To access the user settings, click the gear icon on the upper right corner of the menu toolbar. 



The settings window provides options to configure the following settings, on a user-by-user basis.


Use Seat Fill Coloring

Check this box to make grid activities shaded based on room utilization.  The darker the shade, the more seats are being used in the room.

This option is only applicable for colors that are defined by usage type and event type.  If no color settings are specified and instead only CSS defaults are applied, the system cannot apply shading.

Use Max or Actual Enrollment/Attendance Select the value that should be used when determining seat fill when using the Seat Fill Coloring option.
Over Fill Color Use this option to choose a different display color for overbooked activities (more enrollment/attendance than seats).
Daily Grid Start Time Select the time at which you would like the Daily Grid display to begin.  This setting affects both the on-screen display and the print option.


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  • >click the Settings button on the far right side of the grid toolbar. 

    need to click on the "gear" icon (which doesn't "say", Setting).  I kept clicking on the "wrench" Setting menu icon.  kinda confusing when there are two Setting "choices" - one which reads, "Setting". and the other, which is just the "gear" icon.  



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