Creating Events on Scheduling Grids

You may use the Scheduling Grids to easily create new events using the Create Event form if you have Edit Events permissions in your user role. This option is designed to be a convenient way to quickly generate an event when you want to first identify a space and time using the grids. To facilitate the event creation process, the Event form automatically detects the time, date, and filters your room selection to match the grid view.


Create Event From The Grid

  1. Click the Calendar tab.
  2. Select Scheduling Grid.
  3. Find the room to create an event in.
  4. Open the Create Events screen using 1 of 3 ways
    • Click the Add Event button in the upper right corner
    • Click a time on the grid
    • On the grid, click and drag the duration of the meeting time.
  5. When the Event form opens, enter an event name.


  6. Adjust the times and dates if needed.
  7. The room is populated based on your click and drag selection. Change the room by clicking choosing a room in the drop-down list.
  8. Select an Event Type from the drop-down list.
  9. Select a Contact from the drop-down list. The Customer field will populate automatically based on your selection in the Contact field.
  10. Click Save to save and return to the calendar.
You may also send email confirmations using the Save and Send Notification button, or jump directly to the long event form using the More Options link.

Learn more in the Add Events article.

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