Creating Holidays and Announcements

Add Holidays or Announcements

  1. Click the Events tab. 
  2. Select Add Holiday/Announcement.
    Holiday/Announcements can also be accessed in the Settings tab.
  3. Enter a name for the new holiday or announcement. 
  4. Optionally, enter a description for the holiday or announcement.
  5. Choose a start date and end date. You may either type a date in the date field or click the calendar icon to choose a date.
  6. If desired, click the View Affected Events button to see a list of events that conflict with the date(s) entered.
  7. Check the box next to Announcement if the item being created is a calendar announcement and not a holiday. If this option is checked, then the View Affected Events button and the checkboxes to allow sections and/or events are no longer available.
  8. Check the box next to Sections Meet on Holiday if course offerings may still be scheduled during the date(s) specified. If you do not check this box, all sections will be canceled for the date(s).
  9. Check the box next to Allow Event Scheduling if event meetings may be still be scheduled during the date(s) specified. If you do not check this box, all events will be incomplete on the date(s).
  10. Click Save and Close to save the new record and return to the list. The new holiday or announcement will now appear on the calendar and grid views for the date(s) indicated.


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  • there's no mention in video or in the documentation re: the 2nd checkbox - the
       Is Featured Holiday/Announcement

    have been told to check it, but there's nothing in Help saying "why" and "when" to use.  to check 


  • Hi, Linda!

    The "Is Featured Holiday / Announcement" is functionality that does not apply anywhere else in the application, so it is unnecessary to check or uncheck the box.


  • Does one need to add annual holidays each year? Is it important to keep previous years' holiday dates, or can one simply update to the current holiday date without affecting the scheduling history?

  • Per Linda:

    the annual holidays & recesses need to be reflected each year so that if allowed, the one-time, non-acad reservations can be made during those days/times when the semester's classes aren't meeting. Colleague has Campus Calendar file that I set up annually for the holidays, recesses, breaks, final exams, etc.for the holidays & recesses, the Colleges who are observing, or not observing, can be noted it's unfortunate this Colleague holiday data doesn't migrate automatically to Ad Astra's holiday field(s). 

  • Thanks Linda & Neal,

    If some of our programs still plan to offer their evening courses on holidays (and we have "Sections Meet on Holiday" unchecked and "Allow Event Scheduling"), is the only way to schedule these courses on those holidays days as an Event? Or is there something we can click on the course to allow it to be scheduled on the holiday.

  • Can holidays from past years be deleted from the list? We have holidays going back to 2012, but in Academics, we have removed any terms prior to Fall 2020. I would like clean up the Holidays/Announcements list, but will not do so if it will have a negative impact.

  • Is there anyway to adjust the color associated with holidays and announcements?


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