Color Selector

There are two different ways in which colors are applied to activities on the calendars and scheduling grids that can be customized.

  • Event and section activity colors based on their usage type (a data element similar to status)
  • Event colors based on event type

Additional options are included for custom color coding for overbooked activities and cell shading based on seat fill to indicate room utilization (the darker the color, the more seats are filled).

How the System Decides Color

The system supports color configuration for several different types of calendar items.  The list below shows each of these items and the ways in which they may be configured:

  • Assigned Events (by Usage Type and Event Type)
  • Event Setup and Teardown  (by Usage Type)
  • Assigned Sections  (by Usage Type)
  • Room Usage Controls  (by Usage Type)
  • Overbooked Activities (user-specific Scheduling Grid setting)
  • Seat fill-based coloration (user-specific Scheduling Grid setting)


How does the system determine the display color?

When determining the color that should be displayed for an item on the calendar, the system uses the following process:

  1. First attempt to apply color based on Usage Type.
  2. For events, if the Usage Type color is not configured, and/or is flagged "Defer to Event Type", then the system will attempt to use the Event Type color.
  3. For non-event activities, if the Usage Type color is not configured, then the system will use the system default color.
  4. If there is no applicable Usage Type, the system will use the system default color.


Usage Type and Event Type Color Configuration

A user interface is provided for configuring supported activity colors per Usage Type and Event Type.  Access to this option (the Color Selector) is provided to users as part of the Manage Calendars permission in their role.  The Color Selector may be accessed from the Admin section of the Calendars menu, or from within the Calendars list page.

To select colors by Usage Type or Event Type:

  1. Click the Calendar tab.
  2. Select Color Selector.


  3. A window is displayed with color editing options for both Usage Types (on the left), and Event Types (on the right). The list of Usage Types is determined by the system and is not configurable.  The list of Event Types matches the list of Event Types used for event scheduling.


  4. Click the pencil icon to edit the display color for a given Usage Type.
  5. Click the color you would like to be used to represent the activity on the calendars and scheduling grids.


  6. Click OK. The selected color will be shown in the window.
  7. For event-related Usage Types, you may place a check in the box in the column labeled "Defer to Event Type Color" if you would like the system to use Event Type colors first for activities with the given Usage Type.
  8. To remove a selected color, you may click the delete icon next to the edit pencil.
  9. Continue the color selection process for any Usage Types and/or Event Types you would like to customize.
  10. Click Save on the Color Selector window to save your changes.

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