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Calendar Overview

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  • Sabrina Torok

    Could a print feature be added for the Month, Week, Day, or List views?

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  • Sabrina Torok

    A suggestion to add the room number to the calendar listing.

    For example, in the month view, it will display "8 am Chess Club Meeting - Rm 20 159". 

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  • Alex Bright

    Hello, Sabrina! We appreciate your feedback.

    I can see that you also posted your feedback for a print feature for a the Month, Week, Day, or List within the Product Feedback thread in our Community - which is great!

    I'd suggest also sharing feedback about the room number displaying on the calendar listing by following the navigation steps below: 

    • Navigate to the Ad Astra Help Center homepage
    • Under Community, select "Join Conversation"
    • Select "Product Feedback"
    • At the top right, select "New Post"
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