Calendar Overview

Calendars are traditional, activity-based calendars that can help users and guests quickly find events and/or academic sections that are taking place on campus.

A calendar can be accessed in various ways, including from a direct link in another source, as an embedded calendar on a different website, or from within Astra Schedule.

You can learn more about the API in the Calendar API article.

Access the Calendar

  1. Click the Calendars tab.
  2. Select Calendar.


A default calendar will be displayed as defined by the calendar permission within a user's role. The default calendar view and filter are determined by the calendar definition.


Choosing a Calendar and Filter

If more than one calendar is available to you, you may choose between different saved calendars using the Choose Calendar drop-down menu. Upon selecting a new saved calendar, the display will refresh with that calendar's default view and filter applied.


Pre-defined filters can be associated with saved calendars. If the selected calendar includes pre-defined filters, you may choose between the saved filters using the Filter drop-down menu. Upon selecting a filter, the contents of the calendar being viewed will update accordingly.



Choosing a View

The Calendar can be viewed as a Month or Week calendar grid, as a list of activities for a single day (Day), or as a list of activities for a selected day plus days going forward (List). Using the format option buttons, choose Month, Week, Day, or List to change to the desired format.


In any format, you can use the arrow buttons to the left and right of the displayed date or date range to navigate backward or forward.

In both the Month and Week views of the calendar, each cell will continue to expand in size to accommodate the number of activities on a given day, up to 100. If a day has more than 100 activities, a link is provided to view the contents of that day in the List view.

Monthly View


Weekly View



The List and Day views display a list of activities, grouped by date. Both views default to the current date (today), but can also use the start date of your search or previous view, as applicable. A scroll bar and paging controls are provided to navigate the list going forward.

List View


Day View


The "Day" view shows all filtered activities occurring on the selected date only, and answers "What is happening on this date?." The "List" view shows all filtered activities from the selected date forward, and answers questions like "On what dates are the "Chess Club" meetings?."

Hover your cursor over this icon to see more details about the activity, including contact information, a full description, and other meetings for the activity, if applicable.




Adding an Activity to Your Personal Calendar

Activities on the Astra Schedule calendar may also be added to your personal Outlook calendar. When hovering over the info icon for an activity, the detail view also includes the option to add items to your calendar.


  1. In the detail view, click the Add to Calendar icon for the activity as shown below.
  2. Choose a destination and Save the file.
  3. For Outlook, double-click to open the file and choose to open the file with Outlook.
  4. You may also import the calendar file into a calendar.

The activity is added to your calendar as an appointment. In Outlook, click Save & Close to add the appointment.



Emailing an Activity

If desired, you may email the details of an activity to anyone you choose. While hovering over the info icon to view details, click the email icon next to the activity you wish to send, as shown below.



The system will start a new message using your email client and automatically include the activity name and meeting details in the body. You may edit the message as desired, and then send the message to recipients of your choosing.



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  • Could a print feature be added for the Month, Week, Day, or List views?

  • A suggestion to add the room number to the calendar listing.

    For example, in the month view, it will display "8 am Chess Club Meeting - Rm 20 159". 


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