Homepage Widgets

The homepages are populated by widgets that are customizable.

Activity List Widget

The Activity List is used to display a list of events, sections, holidays, and/or announcements on the homepage.  The Activity List is populated by a filter panel that can be set up to display activities for today, the next 7 days, or the next 31 days.  

Use the scroll bar to access the desired filter options.  Filters may be created that include or exclude events and academic sections, and limit results based on various attributes.  Additionally, the activities returned by a filter can be limited to certain spaces using the location settings.

Use the + button to select one or more filter options to limit the activities returned by the calendar.

The checkbox for My Events will limit the Activity List to show events that the user owns (e.g. the events the user-created and approved).



Custom Content Widget

The Custom Content widget is designed to be customized to show text, images, and links.  You can add images by copying them from the Internet and pasting them into the box, or you can add them via image address using the Source Edit option.  

If a hyperlink is entered into the Custom Content Widget, users can configure the link to open in a new tab.  Click on the Source Edit button and set the "target" of the link to "blank". 

Example: after clicking the Source Edit button, change

<a href="http://www.google.com">Click Here</a> to <a href="http://www.google.com" target="blank">Click Here</a>.



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  • Hi Melody, I hope you are well.  I was reading the articles on the widgets for the homepage.  I am in the process of updating our widgets but I an running into an issue with not having enough lines to add more content.  I've check everything I can think of to expand the widget but I am having no luck.  I am sure it is probably something very simple but I cannot figure it out.  Are you able to assist or should I submit a ticket for assistance. Below is the widget I would like to expand. Thanks,   

  • Good morning Antonia Custodio

    That is a great question! I have reached out to the support team to see if they can give some instruction here or if a ticket would be needed. 



  • Hi Antonia, 

    To add additional rows to the table, please paste the following into a new line of the source edit in that widget:


    What you replace "Activity" and "Date" with will reflect in the table.
    Make sure to paste below the line:
    As well as above the last line:
    Thank you, 

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