Holiday and Announcement Overview

Holidays and Announcements are non-events, non-academic calendar items that appear on the calendar views and grids. Examples include standard or school holidays (Thanksgiving, Spring Break), and general campus announcements or items of interest (First day of registration, Mid-term exams, classes canceled due to inclement weather). These items are displayed at the top of the calendar views as an all-day activity, on the grid views next to the date, and on the list view as a line item.

Holidays allow scheduling rules to be defined either to allow or prevent the scheduling of course sections and/or events during the holiday date(s) specified. Announcements are simply items that are indicated on a calendar view on a specific date.


View Holidays and Announcements

  1. Select the Holidays and Announcements option from the Settings tab to view the list of holidays and announcements that are created in the application.
  2. You may search for a specific entry and limit the number of displayed items using the Filters area on the left side of the page.
  3. To search for specific entries, enter keyword search criteria in the text box at the top of the form, and click Search to view your results. Only holidays or announcements with matching keywords will be returned in the list.
  4. You may also limit the number of items returned in the list by using the View drop-down filter option. Choose “All”, “Announcements”, or “Holidays” from the list on the left and click Search.
  5. Click the holiday or announcement name to view additional details about the entry. 


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