Customizing Personal Homepages

If homepage customization is allowed by the administrator during homepage configuration, users associated with the homepage can customize their own homepage experience. This includes modifying the template, widget layout, and widget settings.  

Customizing Your Homepage

    1. Click the Manage Homepage link in the upper right corner of your homepage to access the homepage editor.

    2. Place your cursor in the name field to edit the homepage name. Note that the homepage name is also displayed at the top of the homepage when you sign in.
    3. Click the layout template to update the widget panel format.


      Changing the template of your homepage will remove any widgets currently placed on the template and require you to start over on the layout.
    4. Click Add Widgets to view the widget catalog applicable to the current panel size. Only those widgets that are appropriately sized for the panel will be displayed for selection.
    5. Click to select the desired widget and click Add to place it on the panel.

    6. Once the widget is placed, you can interact with the options specific to that widget, or remove the widget, by clicking the widget options icon on the right of its header.

    7. Choose Preferences to set widget options (e.g. filters for the Activity List). Choose Remove Widget to delete it from the panel.

    8. Widgets can be re-ordered or moved from panel to panel (depending on widget and panel size) by clicking and dragging them.
    9. You can return to the assigned default homepage for your user's primary responsibility by clicking Restore Assigned Homepage in the upper right corner.

    10. Click Done to return to your homepage.

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