Homepage Overview

Ad Astra provides a guest homepage and a user homepage as access points to the system for both the casual and advanced user. The guest homepage acts as the central access point to the application for all guests and users alike. This initial view of the application can be customized to include content and shortcuts to various pieces of information and application features.


Default Homepage

The homepage initially defaults to the user’s Primary Responsibility in their People record in the application (e.g. user, customer contact, instructor, student). Each Primary Responsibility that is available can be configured to have a separate default homepage experience. A homepage administrator can define whether or not users are allowed to configure their own homepage beyond the default. 

A default homepage is provided for “guest” users and is seen by guests and any other users that have no homepage associated with their primary responsibility. From the guest homepage, application users can provide sign-in credentials to gain access to their personal user homepage and additional application functionality as defined by their security settings. Once a user is signed in, they may be able to customize their homepage if allowed by their default homepage configuration.

Clients using single sign-on will not have a guest homepage.


Homepage Configuration

Homepage configuration options include a display name, a layout panel template, and widgets that can be placed on each panel. Widgets are individual configurable components that can be placed on a homepage to display information and provide quick access points to other features and areas of the application.


Access Homepages

To access the homepage list, click the Manage Homepages option on the Settings tab. (requires Manage Homepages permission)

A list of homepages is displayed. Initially, only the "Default" homepage is provided. This initial homepage will be labeled as "system default" if the title is edited. The system default homepage cannot be deleted, but can be customized just like any other homepage to provide the desired guest experience.

Additional homepages can be added, configured, and associated with primary responsibilities so that users inherit tailored homepages upon sign in.


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  • From the guest homepage, application users can provide login credentials to gain access to their personal user homepages. Since we are using LDAP authentication, which Primary Responsibility would the system default to on the people record? Is there a way to change the default Primary Responsibility?

  • Hi, Sabrina!

    If the user is logging in for the first time using LDAP, the primary responsibility will be "User". The primary responsibility is always assigned based on how the record was originally created. There is not a way to change the default primary responsibility.

    Thank you!


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