Migrating to Essential Scheduling: Foundational Functionality Webinar

When you transition to the new Ad Astra platform from Astra Schedule, you will still need to perform foundational tasks such as managing users, updating permissions, managing rooms, viewing calendars, and running reports. In this training, we will show you how to accomplish what you’re doing now in Astra Schedule but in new and more intuitive ways.

As mentioned in the webinar, new functionality is available quickly and commonly. Even a week later, the permissions structure on the academic side has changed! Now, to change permissions for a user, you will need to assign them to a department and edit the contributor permissions at the department level. Find documentation on the Department Manager here!

If you have additional questions on spaces, permissions, resources, or groups after watching the recording, please don't hesitate to submit a ticket or reach out to your Client Success Lead. We are happy to answer any questions regarding migration! Below are some common questions that were answered "behind-the-scenes" in the webinar. Also, if you have additional enhancement requests, please don't hesitate to submit those to the roadmap!


Do permissions flow from top down?
Correct. They’re inherited ‘down’ the line. If you want to add ‘exceptions’ down the line, you can go to those spaces and limit/change access locally.
How does effective dating for rooms work in the Ad Astra platform?
We will respect effective dating of spaces from your SIS.
For academic spaces, are we limited to the SIS room types?
Currently, we respect the definition in the SIS. We will be enhancing that in 2024 to allow for updated room types.

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