PeopleSoft Exam Import

Astra Schedule has an import job available to import exams created in PeopleSoft into Astra Schedule. It is a batch import, and the exams are imported into Astra Schedule in a separate term as section meetings.

In addition to the tables we already use for Astra Schedule, you will need to provide read-only access to PS_CLASS_EXAM. Once the data is provided and the exam import is added to your Astra Schedule site, you will need to follow these steps in order to import your exams.

  1. Build a term in your Astra Schedule site with the same term code as the term you are importing but with an added "E" at the end to identify them as exam terms. Exam data will then route via the import to that new term. (Example: Fall 2023 would be F2023, and Fall 2023 Exam would be F2023E.)
  2. Build the import job. Settings > Import/Export Management > New Job > ATE Job > Exam Import. The name of the import job will vary.
  3. Select the term(s) you created and the campus(es) they are tied to.
  4. Save and Run Now.

The meeting type for the exam section meetings will always be EXM. If you make changes to your exams in PeopleSoft, you will need to delete the term and follow the steps to re-import the exams for the changes to display correctly.

If you are interested in purchasing the PeopleSoft Exam Import to your Astra Schedule site, please submit a ticket. 

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