Astra Schedule Starter API Collection

This is an API collection that can be used with Postman to help you get started with our open Astra Schedule API platform. All of the calls listed (excluding the Log on call) will be GET calls meant to help you retrieve data that has already been imported or created in Astra Schedule.

None of the calls in this collection are intended to POST data to or create data in Astra Schedule.


Using the Postman Collection

  1. Update the following variable values in the environment.
    URL Your site URL, without the trailing slash, i.e.
    Username i.e. ApiUser
    Password I'm not falling for that one, again.
    CustomerId GUID that can be retrieved in the "Get list of Customer Records" call.
    TermId GUID that can be retrieved in the "Get list of terms" call.
    Additional variables can be added at your discretion.
  2. Send the Logon call. It should return true. This is a prerequisite to any calls being made and will need to be run at the beginning of each session to authenticate subsequent calls.
  3. Have fun with all of the other calls!


Ad Astra will provide documentation and starter packs for you to use when building API integrations. We will be able to answer questions around API capabilities, but we do not have resources to build custom engagements. The Astra Schedule API will not have further development.

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