How do I inactivate an event request form?


We no longer wish to use an event request form. Should I delete the form? Is there a way to inactivate the form? 

I am working on modifying an event request form and don't want requesters to use it in the meantime. How can I restrict the visibility of the form?



If you have old event request forms you no longer use, there are a couple of different ways to reduce their visibility. We do not recommend deleting the forms entirely.

  • You can remove the old forms from the User Role Permissions. By selecting only the forms that the roles need to access, you will remove access to all the other forms.
  • You can rename the form to indicate that it is no longer in use. 
  • You can adjust the 'dates allowed for meeting requests' within the form to be in the past.

Using one or all of these suggestions will limit the visibility of the old form on your site. If you have additional questions, please submit a support ticket so we can assist further. 

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