Lesson XV: Astra Schedule Creating Events

It can be difficult to keep track of every event happening at an institution. That’s why we’re walking through the Create Event Modal and Advanced Event Form to help keep them organized and show you the many options Astra Schedule has to offer in event scheduling. Keep in mind that during this lesson, we’ll be looking at creating events through the eyes of an event scheduler, or someone who has permissions to Edit Events, meaning they can create new and editing existing events. We’ll talk through event requesting in the next lesson. Let’s go!

Creating Events

When creating an event in Astra Schedule, the user will always start in the same way – the Create Event Modal. The Create Event Modal can be accessed from 4 different screens: in an Activity Widget on the homepage, on the Event List, by clicking Add Event or clicking and dragging on the scheduling grid, and lastly by clicking a date on the Activity Calendar. The only difference is what data will populate in the fields. On the homepage and in the event list, the date defaults to today’s date, and the time will be the next 30-minute window. On the activity calendar, the time will be the next 30-minute window, but the date will be whatever date you selected to trigger the pop up. The scheduling grid is the most common way to schedule a single meeting, as when you click and drag on the grid, the most data populates. You will see the time that you clicked and dragged will populate, the date that you're viewing on the grid will populate, and the room that you clicked and dragged will populate, leaving only a few fields left to populate. In the next video, we'll walk through a couple examples.

Create Event Modal

Advanced Events, Part 1

Advanced Events, Part 2

Advanced Events, Part 3

Now that you’ve gotten a closer look into how to use the Create Event Modal and the Advanced Event Form, you’re ready to start keeping a closer eye on events at your institution. As a reminder, this was all through the lens of an event scheduler. Next, we’ll look at what it’s like for an event requestor to use Astra Schedule!

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