Lesson X: Astra Schedule Academic Scheduling

Customization is key when it comes to utilizing a section list. Need to add filters? We’ve got you covered. Want to schedule sections into rooms or make a change? It’s as easy as a click of a button. Do you have sections that are specific to a department? Let’s enter them. In this course, you can explore all the answers to these questions and learn how to create the proper views for your use case.

The Section List

Section Record and Room Assignments

Section Meeting Information

Before we move on, let’s click into the meeting type of the section. When we do this, it opens more information about this meeting of the section. If there is more than one meeting line - a LEC and a LAB - you can click into each one to view more information. You will see meeting details first, including the instructor or instructor(s).

This is where you will see cross-list information if the section is cross-listed. Keep in mind that the Max Enroll field here is the one that will populate in the room scheduling tool for a cross-listed section, and this enrollment number will be used when the optimizer is searching for a room for these sections.

You can assign resources to sections in this page and view resources that have already been assigned. If you are assigning resources to sections, you can download the Sections with Resources for Selected Date Range report file and upload it to your site!

Lastly, you can create section level preferences. Section level preferences are associated only on this individual section in this particular term, unlike scheduling preferences in your preference sets, which are global and can be used term after term. If you are a PeopleSoft client, you can import your room attributes assigned to sections in PeopleSoft, and they will populate here. If you are interested in something like this, submit a support ticket!

At the very bottom of the page, you can also make a room assignment change for a single instance of the section meeting, assign a resource to a single instance, and cancel a single instance of the section meeting. To cancel the section meeting, click the red X. If you have a holiday setup that does not have "Sections Meeting on Holiday" checked, you will see section meetings on those dates canceled here.

This information does not write back to the SIS.


Are section changes and new filters coming to mind? Jump into Astra Schedule today to make your changes and customizations. If you’re ready to make some room assignments in bulk, keep going to walk through the scheduling preferences and optimizer lessons!

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