Lesson VIII: Astra Schedule Reporting

Reports and report subscriptions can be useful for several reasons. Let’s explore what goes into running a report and how to set up report subscriptions.

If you would like to edit your own reports, you will need a Crystal Reports license. You can purchase one directly from SAP.

Running a Report - Report Search and Parameters

Running a Report - Options and Exporting

Report subscriptions can be set-up to send a report to a user or a group of users on a regular basis. The report that is sent on a subscription-basis must be a “subscription-friendly” report, meaning the date range in the report dynamically updates to reflect upcoming information based on the date the report was sent. The title of a report will indicate whether it is a subscription-friendly report. A few examples include – Today’s Activities by Building and Room with Notes and Next 7 Days Events by Date and Time with Resources, Notes, and Pre-Post. These reports do not have date parameters.

Report Subscription Setup

Thanks for following along as we explored running a report and setting up report subscriptions. We hope this functionality gives you exactly what you need for your reporting purposes. However, reports are highly customizable through Crystal Reports! If you need assistance editing a report, please contact Ad Astra support.

You've now completed the Foundations section of the Astra Schedule step-by-step guide! You're prepared to move to the Academics or Events section, so get going!

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