Lesson VI: Astra Schedule Activity Calendars and Color Selector

There is a lot going on at your institution, we understand! This lesson will explain the ins and outs of Activity Calendars, which are traditional, event-based calendars that can help users and guests quickly find events that are taking place on campus.

Activity calendars are more commonly used for events for a few reasons:

  • All filtered activities will stack in the monthly and week view and records cannot exceed 5000.
  • The monthly and weekly view are the most common for end-users to see things that they may want to attend.
  • The Scheduling Grid is more appropriate to review room availability and a holistic view of all campus activities on a given day.

Activity Calendar Definition - Filters

Activity Calendar Definition - Options

Color Selector

Navigating the Activity Calendar

Now that you know how to create and use the scheduling grid, available rooms tool, and the activity calendars, you can start populating the grid and calendar with Holidays and Announcements, covered in our next lesson!

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  • Hi, I blocked off some time using using the Usage Control feature in ROOMS.  However, the times that rooms are unavailable do not show up on the scheduling grid.  Do I have to block off time in multiple places?  Please help!

  • Hi, Susan! We have a known issue with usage controls not showing after 2023. We have a quick script that our software support team can run to have them show up! Please submit a ticket to have that script run. Thanks!

  • Thank you Maggie, I have opened a ticket: (19644) has been received.


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