Lesson V: Astra Schedule Scheduling Grids and Available Rooms

Seeing is believing. Need to visualize what classes are offered when and where? Scheduling grids and calendar views make it easy. Better yet, they are customizable to your viewing needs. Don’t spend your time attempting to go through a list of available rooms. In this course, you can see how scheduling grids and the available rooms tool reveal open spaces and allow you to schedule with the simple click of a button.

Scheduling Grid

Calendar Definition - Filters

Calendar Definition - Options

Navigating the Scheduling Grid - Filter Panel and Day View

Navigating the Scheduling Grid - Week and Resource View

Available Rooms

Steps 1 and 2

Steps 3 and 4

Now that you can setup scheduling grids for your users and search for available space, you can easily visualize your open and used areas on campus while also finding space that can be occupied for more activities! If you are looking for a more traditional calendar view that can be seen by month, you’re in luck! We will cover that in our next lesson: Activity Calendars and Color Selector!


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